Red Factor Canary
Red Factor Canary
Red Factor Canary

Red Factor Canary

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Scientific Name: Serinus canaria domesticus

The Red Factor Canary was named after its lovely plumage and it is among the top choices of canaries. The Red Factor Canary is an active bird liked by those who prefer them as pets as well as some who specialize in the displaying aspect. This kind of canary is built well and an entertainer. I doesn’t call for much upkeep and will grow to 5 and1/2 inches long. This kind is made for show purposes and it comes in assorted versions.

Feeding and Tending:
Canaries prefer spaces that are broad so a larger cage is essential. Furnish them a cage that has vertical bars and an assortment of little perches for exercise. Keep one perch placed up high for sleeping. Canaries like eating two kinds of seed:rape and canary seed. Canary owners will find seeds coated with vitamins available at pet shops. They can eat greens provided to hem every day in combination with some calcium in a cuttle bone.
All breeds of canaries  have orange and red tones that come from their diet.  It was discovered the hue of the Red Siskin derived from its diet in the forests.
The Red Factor Canary likewise needs a specific diet to maintain the rich coloring. This implies it has to eat an assortment of foods made to bring out color. These can be found mainly in three substance: carotenoids in a great deal of birds, with extra beta carotene and Canthaxanthin for red Factor Canaries. Squash, tomatoes, berries, sweet potatoes, and cherries all have the needed chemicals to promote the color. The red and orange hues in many birds can be brought out by merely feeding them foods with paprika and cayenne pepper. A few professionals use a concentrate from carotenoid and Canthaxanthin. Beta carotene can be found in many supplements. the color enhancing substances must be administered with caution and careful attention must be given to the amount the bird eats.
Most all varieties of canaries enjoy bathing so a bird bath should be furnished for them. The only upkeep the Red Factor Canary needs is toe nail clipping and cleaning of their cages.