Rubino Golden-mantled Rosella
Rubino Golden-mantled Rosella

Rubino Golden-mantled Rosella

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Golden-mantled Rosella

The origin of the Golden-mantled Rosella is Australia . It occurs in South Eastern Queensland and South Wales.


The Golden-mantled Rosella (Platycercus eximius elegiac is also known as Cecilia’s Rosella.


Golden-mantled Rosellas come in many different variations and sub-species of their normal colors. The male is more yellow on it’s back and is much brighter. The Hen is more of a green on it’s back and has lizard type markings that go up her back to the paper of her neck and top of head.


The Golden-mantled Rosella has a pipping call. They may also mimic songs and whistles.

Breeding Golden-mantle Rosellas:

Breeding season is April-September although they may breed through the year. They like cavity type nests. The hen will lay 4-5 eggs. Incubation is around 21 days and fledging 45 days.

Diet for Golden-mantled Rosella:

A quality Parakeet mix with the addition of fruits and vegetable to their diet . When breeding have available cuttlebone, oystershell, grit and eggs.