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Song Thrush

Song Thrush

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The Song Thrush, or Turdus philomelos in genus species terms, is a bird that breeds throughout much of Eurasia. The English often call the bird “throstle” or “mavis”. It is brown running throughout the upper part of its’ body, and buff or black-spotted cream on the underneath parts.  There are three recognized subspecies of this bird. It has a very distinct song, which sounds like musical phrases and often is referred to in poetry.

The male and female sexes of the Song Thrush look similar, having brown backs and underparts of a black-spotted cream or yellow-buff color, which gets paler on its’ belly. Under the wings they are light yellow, while they have a yellow bill and pink feet and legs. This species has upperparts that vary in color, becoming a “colder” hue from west to east along the range where they breed. The younger bird resembles the adult, but their coloring is mixed with some orange or buff streaks on their back and wings.

You can hear the male Song Thrush often sing repeated musical phrases from elevated perches, trees, or rooftops. One male might have over one hundred phrases in their repertoire. These phrases are sometimes copied from his parents and nearby birds.

Diet: Paradise Earth Premium Softbill Blend, Insects and fruit.