Straw-Tailed Whydah
Straw-Tailed Whydah
Straw-Tailed Whydah

Straw-Tailed Whydah

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Straw-tailed Whydah (Vidua fischeri)

The straw-tailed whydah is native to the the continent of Africa. A brood parasite the male imitates the song of the Purple Grenadier, its host.


The male straw-tailed whydah averaged 11 inches in length. The female averages about 4 inches in length. The males of a breed feature bright cream colored plumage around the belly, breast, and crown. Their bill is bright red, and the rest of their feathers are black. They also feature a set of straw colored tail feathers. This gives them their name, the straw-tailed whydah. Females and non breeding males are a darker cream with streaks of black and shorter tails (also black). Juveniles are duller in color but match the overall scheme of their adult counterparts.


The Whydah is most commonly found in the savanna and scrub brush areas of Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, Somalia, Kenya, and Ethiopia. It is not a widespread species and is often found in small broods.


The straw-tailed whydah is what is known as a brood parasite. This means they lay their eggs in their host species’ next in this case the Purple Grenadier. No harm is done to the host bird’s eggs and the whydah typically will only lay one egg per nest.