Strawberry Finch
Strawberry Finch
Strawberry Finch

Strawberry Finch

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Strawberry Finch

The origin of the Strawberry Finch is Asia. It extends from India, Indo China, Malayan Islands and the Indonesian Islands.



The Strawberry finch(Amandava amandava) is part of the Estrildidae family and is also known as:

Red Munia, Red Avadavat, Red Strawberry Finch, Strawberry Waxbill, Tiger Finch Coochin Finch and Red Waxbill.



The Strawberry Finch male has a beautiful plumage during breeding season (April-November). The rump is red on most of the upper parts, lower belly and wings with white spots on the red body and wings. It has a black stripe around the eye. In the non-breeding season he is much duller. The hen is duller than the male and has less white spots.

Juveniles are a dull grey brown and duller white below and a black beak (that eventually turns to pink).



The Strawberry Finch has a beautiful song and is one of the few finches with a “true” song.


Breeding Strawberry Finches:

Breeding season is April-November. If the Strawberry Finch is in a mixed aviary it should be large as males can be territorial. They also like to hide. The male builds the nest. The female incubates for 12 days with a little help from the male as he will defend the nest.


Diet for Strawberry Finches:

Paradise Pet Products Premium Finch Blend, greens and fruit. During breeding season they should be given live worms and egg food.