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Superb Starling (DNA Tested)
Superb Starling (DNA Tested)
Superb Starling (DNA Tested)

Superb Starling (DNA Tested)

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The origin of the Superb Starling is East Africa in the following areas: Tanzania, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya and Uganda.


The Superb Starling ( Lamprotomis superbus) is a member of the starling family. Used to be known as Spreo superbus.


The Superb Starlings have black head with the back, wings , upper breast and tail being an iridescent blue/green. Their breasts and bellies are reddish brown. The tail and under the wings are white. Both sexes look alike with juveniles being slightly duller.


The Superb Starlings have a quiet and melodious song that can be heard from both sexes.


The Superb Starling is a monogamous species but females may mate with other males of the group. Clutch size is typically 2-5 blue-green eggs and both monogamous parents incubate them. The eggs hatch between 12-14 days and the babies fledge about 3 weeks after hatching.


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