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Taiwan Yuhina
Taiwan Yuhina
Taiwan Yuhina

Taiwan Yuhina

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The Taiwan yuhina (Yuhina brunneiceps), formerly known as “Formosan yuhina”, is a small songbird endemic to the island of Taiwan.  It is considered  together with the white-eyes into the Old World babbler family Timaliidae.  The closest living relative of this species appears to be the black-chinned yuhina, which occurs on the Asian mainland. This species is found in temperate forests,  in its native habita

Description:   The Taiwan yuhina is 5? in length with a deep brown chestnut-colored crest and a black beard stripe descending from its beak. The bird’s back, wings and tail are olive brown, and its lower breast is lighter in color .

Interesting fact: Taiwan Yuhinas are  active and quite tame. It keeps to lower forest and often joins other species, especially tits in mixed flocks. The flocks, while feeding, make a constant soft chatter. The call of the Taiwan yuhina is a sound somewhat like twi-MI-chiu, which resembles the phrase “We MEET you”. Taiwan yuhina may sometimes be observed hanging upside down on cherry trees

Diet: The yuhina’s diet consists of mainly nectar, berries, flowers and small insects. In captivity: Paradise Earth Insect Blend, worms, nectar and fruit.