Tri-colored Mannikin
Tri-colored Mannikin
Tri-colored Mannikin

Tri-colored Mannikin

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The tri-colored munis (Lonchura malacca) is an estrildid finch, native to India, Sri Lanka, Southern China, Taiwan and most of Southeast Asia. The species was also introduced to Guam, Jamaica, Palau, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Vanuatu and Venezuela. It a small gregarious bird which feeds mainly on grain and other seeds. It inhabits wet grassland habitats. It may also be found in tropical lowland moist forest habitats.

Other names:

Three-colored Munia / Mannikin / Nun, Southern Black-headed Munia,Black-headed Munia,, Tricoloured Munia / Mannikin / Nun


Blue-grey bill and legs, black head, brown back, black belly (sometimes with scalloping along the flanks), thighs, and undertail; chest and flanks are either white (most common), cinnamon, white with cinnamon scalloping, or white with fine grey barring depending on the variation. Tail coverts are dark burnt orange, tail is brown.
Juveniles have a pale bill. Sexes are visually similar, although hens tend to have a slightly smaller beak (less curved at the culmen) and may have paler fringes of the tail and tail coverts. Cocks tend to have marginally bolder, wider heads. Only the male sings.


Breeding season is spring through summer. Clutch size is 4-7 eggs.


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