Turquoise Tanager
Turquoise Tanager
Turquoise Tanager

Turquoise Tanager

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The average-sized songbird known as the Turquoise Tanager hails from the Tanager family and also goes by the name of Tangara mexicana.

Habitat and Location: It lives in and around the Amazon Basin, Venezuela, Bolivia, Columbia, and the Guianas. This bird can also be found on Trinidad Island. The Turquoise Tanagers happen to be a very social bird and travel in mixed bird groups consisting of five to fifteen other flyers.
Description: These medium-sized birds are about 13 – 14 centimeters (51/2 inches) long, including their tail and they are about 20 grams in weight. Their feathers at maturity are mostly black and blue, in addition to the distinctive turquoise edging found on the main wing plumage. The majority of these birds have a yellowish underside, with the exception of Brazilian Turquoise Tanagers which have a white underside.
Breeding/Nesting: These birds will normally separate themselves from the rest of the flock when they are mating. They construct their nests in a cup shape in shrubs and in trees. When it is time, the female bird lays approximately two or three brownish-green and grey eggs which she will stay with during the two week incubation. When the little ones finally hatch, the pair of Tanager birds return to their flock, but break away on occasion to feed their young.

Diet: Paradise Earth PRemium Softbill Blend, a wide variety of fruit as well as insects,and seeds.