Violet Turaco
Violet Turaco
Violet Turaco

Violet Turaco

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Violaceous Turacos aka Violet Turacos

Habitat and Distribution:

The Violet Turaco is found in large parts of West Africa, including the countries of Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Togo, Liberia and Guinea-Bissau. Isolated populations of the species are also present along the border between Central African Republic and Chad, although it is not found in Sierra Leone. Their preferred habitat is forest and woodland, especially along the humid edge of a forest or wooded area. Although distinctive in appearance, they are often difficult to spot in the treetops.


The Violet Turaco is around 45 cm in length with a long tail. They have a chestnut crown, yellow forehead, thick red bill and a shiny violet plumage, from where it gets its name. The crimson feathers and violet plumage create an interesting contrast, especially in flight.

Diet When in Captivity:

Grapes, lettuce, carrots and bananas, as well as dried fruit, such as figs or raisins. The species also eats fruit gelatin, insectivore mix and mixed fruit, such as pears, apples and strawberries.