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Wattled Plover(Lapwing)
Wattled Plover(Lapwing)
Wattled Plover(Lapwing)

Wattled Plover(Lapwing)

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The Senegal Wattled Plover – also known as African Wattled Lapwing (Vanellus senegallus) – is a large lapwing, a group of largish waders in the family Charadriidae.


It is a resident breeder in most of sub-Saharan Africa outside the rainforests



These birds are large brown waders with a black crown, white forehead and large yellow facial wattles. The tail is white, tipped black and the long legs are yellow . The upperwings have black flight feathers and brown coverts separated by a white bar. The underwings are white with black flight feathers.


It lays three or four eggs on a ground scrape


Invertebrates&insects. In captivity: mealworms and Paradise Earth Premium Insect Blend.