White Cheeked Turaco
White Cheeked Turaco
White Cheeked Turaco

White Cheeked Turaco

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One Pair Only! This pair is DNA tested


The distribution of the White-cheeked Turaco is  Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Sudan. It has been found at altitudes around 10,000 feet but also as low as 2600 feet in forest habitats.


White-cheeked Turaco (Tauraco leucotis) is a species of bird in the Musophagidae family.


The White-cheeked Turaco has a white crescent that radiates down the neck which it is named for. It has a rounded back-blue with feathering that is hairlike and slicked back. The top of its body; face,neck,throat, mantle, forecrown and breast are green. The lower third of the body is greyish-blue. There is a beautiful display of crimson under  its wings.


The White-crested Turacos are monogamous. The male will feed the female during courtship. The build the nest together and take turns sitting on the eggs. Clutch size is 2-3 eggs. Incubation is 21-24 days. Once the eggs are hatched other flock members help take care of the chicks. The fledglings usually leave the nests at 6 weeks or may stay with the flock.


In the wild it feeds on fruits and plant material. In captivity; fresh fruit, zupreem fruit pellet and live insects when breeding.