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White-crowned Robin-chat
White-crowned Robin-chat
White-crowned Robin-chat

White-crowned Robin-chat

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Robin-Chats are one of the few birds who eats of of a mainly insectivorous diet.  Robin chats were once classified in the thrush family but are now considered members of Family Muscicapidae, the Old World flycatchers.


The white-crowned robin-chat is the largest of the 14 species of robin-chat. It has a black head with a white crown, black back, wings and tail and an orange belly. The sexes are similar.


The robin-chats appear to be monogamous and territorial during the breeding season, but sometimes gather into small feeding flocks during the winter. The female lays two somewhat glossy grey-green eggs with violet spots in a cup shaped stick nest.

 In Captivity: dog food, fruits and vegetables, insects