Yellow-crowned Gonolek
Yellow-crowned Gonolek

Yellow-crowned Gonolek

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Latin Name: Laniarius barbarous


It is familiar in equatorial Africa where it is a local breeder and it runs from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Senegal to Ethiopia.

Bodily Description:

The Yellow-crowned Gonolek averages nine – nine point eight inches long and weighs forty-nine grams. Its upper parts plumage is black and under parts is red. Characterized by its yellow crown that is on top its head. The beak and legs are dark. Females and males are alike in looks, but the young have a duller look and their under parts have a heavy dark barring. There are 2 races, eminent by small differences in the colors of the nape and crown.


The Yellow-crowned Gonolek nourishes mainly on large bugs including grasshoppers, crickets, and grasshoppers as well as worms contained. In Captivity: Paradise Earth Softbill Blend and Mixed Dried Insects.


Yellow-crowned Gonolek are monogamous. The female births two –three eggs per clutch. Breeding might happen anytime throughout the year.