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The spur-winged lapwing or spur-winged plover (Vanellus spinoffs) is a lapwing species, one of a group of largish waders in the family Charadriidae. The spur-winged lapwing breeds around the eastern Mediterranean, and in a wide band from sub-Saharan west Africa to Arabia. The Greek and Turkishbreeders are migratory, but other populations are resident.

Description:The Spur-winged lapwings are medium-large waders with black crown, chest, fore neck stripe and tail. The face, the rest of the neck and belly are white and the wings and back are light brown. The bill and legs are black. The bird’s common name refers to a small claw or spur hidden in each of its wings.

Diet: Insects. In captivity: Paradise Earth Insect Blend and worms.